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Παρασκευή, 19 Ιουλίου 2013

Bel Jaimen : I felt very angry .. Why laugh and congratulate?

Europeans standing by Greeks!
Bel Jaimen : I felt very angry .. Why laugh and congratulate?

When I saw this photo of Reuters this morning after the vote of yesterday .. I felt very angry .. Why laugh and congratulate? They've got a great political success, with three votes of differences and because the electoral law is corrupt and gives them 50 seats of gift ... Manage to pass a law, which will cause much pain. No respect to human suffering , no education to teachers and others yesterday in Syntagma and all Greece lived distress. ...
I felt the need to explain it in Spanish....because this Reuters photo will be history
Greek Parliament 17/07/2013. The Government laughs and welcomes, by three votes get approve new measures, while many in the street is living with despair ...... (Also photos of yesterday)
4,000 employees will be dismissed in 2013 and 11,000 more in 2014;
further 25,000 public employees, half of them before September, must enter into a "labor reserve" charge them 75% of their basic salary for a period of 8 months .. then .. if there're free places will hire.
For this, close hospitals, schools, colleges, nurseries and suppresses municipal police and school guards.
50 secondary professional educations have been eliminated as clinical assistant, electronics, beauty , hairdresser, etc..
One in three fired in "labor reserve" is a teacher .......
(The vast majority will not be hired because their schools closed or disappeared and their specialty)


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